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  •  Brand new range of handcrafted children's shoes designed by pediatric podiatrists

  • Soft launch in time for Back to School 2018.

  • SPOS were invited to design a display stand to accompany the launch.


  •  A dual sectioned interactive kiosk was designed which offered education around shoes buying for children based on the product attributes of the brand on one part, along with the chance to touch and feel the shoes and get professionally measured with the 'Skobi Fit Mat' on the other. 

  •  Integrating large LED header panels and a full-size tablet into the display enabled parents and care givers the opportunity to purchase the shoes on the spot and have the shoes delivered direct to the home so no fuss carrying the pairs of shoes around during the rest of the day. 


  •  Kiosk received excellent feedback along with the shoes themselves.

  • Led to a high demand for clinics to become stockists and receive a kiosk in time for Back To School 2019 


PROJECT: Back to School Kiosk     MARKET: Retail

Display Stand Merchandising


Concept 2.jpg
Concept 3.JPG
Concepts 4.png
Concepts 5.png

Final Product

Base 1.jpg
Base 2.jpg
Stand 2.jpg
Stand 1.jpg
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