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  • FlexRoller is a Gravity Roller Shelf System that ensures products are always fronted to the shelf edge

  • Lane dividers easily adjust to any categories & package type

  • FlexRoller shelves last a minimum of 5 years in the marketplace

  • Shopper marketing where it needs to be – at the shelf

  • Activation of top and bottom shelf



Dynamic Shelving that delivers Space, Range, Inventory & Cost Optimisation

FlexRoller and Beverages
FlexRoller and Energy Drink

A better customer experience


Horizontal & Vertical Space Efficiency

FlexRoller and Beverages

One person can adjust a fully loaded shelf

FlexRoller and Beverages

Fast planogram resets

Marble Surface

Combining the most innovative shelf system (C21™) with the leading roller shelf management system (FlexRoller ™) has resulted in the industry’s first Dynamic Shelving Solution

C21 & FlexRoller

Watch it in Action

Retail Examples

Retail Category Examples