SPOS Strategic Procurement & Supply

SPOS Group possesses a large knowledge base & experienced supply chain that allows us to deliver on large scale & ongoing supply and distribution.

We have had experience in roll-outs of stores exceeding 500 in number, all delivered impeccable and on time. These stores can’t open without our product, and we have delivered repeated positive results, on time, every time.

SPOS holds the necessary supply infrastructure to guarantee the reliability and success of any size project in Australia.

We play in the space where the shopper becomes a  purchaser.
Our products help to sell your products.
The multiplier effect of these delivers superior commercial outcomes  for our client partners.

Having first introduced datastrip into the Australian market over 30 years ago, SPOS is the market leader in Retail Marketing Solutions. We operate primarily in Australia, New Zealand and Asia but have delivered several global projects. SPOS Group is wholly owned by HGL, which is Australia's oldest publicly listed company on the Australian stock exchange.

The 2017 acquisition of POSM Solutions gives SPOS an even wider range of products designed to help you drive sales higher. We pride ourselves on providing quality products, fast delivery and leading customer service at competitive prices.

iCandy has been acknowledged across the industry as a leader in design and execution – having won over 16 POPAI awards in recent years.

We see the ever changing retail landscape as an opportunity to leverage our capability in converting insights to action, which leads to outstanding shopper experiences. We are in the unique position where we are working with both retailers and brand owners across many channels, and so are well placed to help deliver and exceed your marketing goals.

To create world class retail design solutions, that exceed our clients expectations and provide them with a compelling return on investment.

Our Objective

Partnering with clients in defining the opportunity or challenge through all available insights.

Our Approach

Turns these insights into action and delivers superior shopper marketing outcomes.

Our Capability

The only ticketing solution ticking all the boxes.

The process of printing, sending and then sorting through unwanted tickets is painful and complex. Ticket-IT automates the manual ticket production workflow delivering tickets within seconds, not days.


Ticket-IT delivers the confidence to reduce approval times, or not proof at all. Head office have the confidence that both stores and partners have the right information at the right time with the right branding.


Ticket-IT removes the manual creation of tickets and the errors that occur with repeated human intervention. Delivering consistent and repeatable outcomes resulting in cost savings and a more efficient use of staff.


Ticket-IT provides the ability to control and manage in store ticketing effectively. Ticket-IT provides greater visibility, reduces the cost of lost opportunity and has a positive effect on store presentation.