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Coffee Cup reduction Solution


Can & Bottle Compactor and Recycling Solution



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Daily Waste

Every day, a single person will use an average of 5 beverage containers. This results in up to 13 million tonnes of waste ending up in our oceans, where 110 million tonnes of plastic already exists.

What can we do?

To Reduce the Enormous Volume of waste and encourage segregated waste collection to create a more effective chain of recycling.

What if you could do all this whilst also encouraging your customers to return to your business?

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Our EcoSolutions: 'EcoShredder' and 'EcoCompactor' will do just this!

Reducing Volume

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WITH EcoSolutions | WITHOUT
  • EcoCompactor & Shredder results in a volume reduction ratio of 1:7

  • Results in a reduction on daily collections/emptying

  • Advantages for internal waste handling (moving & temporary storage)

  • A smaller and simpler collection logistics.

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions from extra pickups, reducing the use of energy resources.

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"EcoCompactor & Shredder results in a volume reduction ratio of 1:7"

Solutions in Detail

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Internal Compactor/Shredder
  • Automatic unit made from high-strength steel.

  • Auto release system to help removal of potentially unsuitable materials that shouldn't be inserted.

  • Automatic Sanitising system

Design Customisation
  • Fully customisable design

  • Slim dimensions for easier positioning.

    • 1830mmH x 400mmW x 550mmD​

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Extra Features Included
  • "Full Bag" Pre-Warning

  • Drip tray

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