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Retail Displays

The SPOS INSTANT display range can be setup in seconds, and has a re-deployable design. Replacable graphics mean you can redress and reuse the display.

The team at SPOS have identified a need for re-usable, fast executing, long lasting displays for Brands and Retailers to repeatedly draw shoppers to the fixture. Introducing the SPOS Instant Retail Displays Range.

  • Re-Brandable

  • Lower Freight Costs

  • Impactful / Disruptive

  • Re-Useable / Re-Deployable

  • Lower Field Sales Costs

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Increased Store Compliance

InstantFSU - SPOS Instant Displays
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INSTANT Retail Displays Range


Material: Moonboard

  • Size 1: 1524 x 610 x 305mm

  • Size 2: 1219 x 305 x 203mm

  • Longevity: 2-3 years*

  • Interchangeable Graphics

  • Flat Packed

  • Up to 20kg weight per shelf

  • Assembled in Seconds

  • Semi Permanent Displays

Sizes: 1.5 meter and 1.2 meter displays

* Longevity depends on the retail environment

Moonboard: Strong, durable and 100% recyclable PVC material that can be easily direct printed

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