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Data Strip

Australia's Original Supplier

SPOS was first to introduce Data Strip into the Australian market in 1982.

In 1991, SPOS NZ introduced data strip to the 100% owned and operated $7.2b business Foodstuffs and are proud to say we are still the incumbent supplier after 28 years.

SPOS Group supplies a large range of retail merchandising solutions to a wide number of brands and retailers. We continually innovate and develop products that will deliver ROI, reduce your labour costs, improve your sales and market share.

We listen to your requirements, understand the application of tools and methods that drive sales uplift in store and influence shopper purchasing decisions.

Traditional Data Ticketing Strips

Flat Datastrip

Our most popular style of datastrip with adhesive backing tape. Commonly used in supermarkets and other retail outlets around the world to display ticketing at the shelf edge.

  • Standard heights(mm): 26 - 76

  • Various colours available

  • Standard lengths 915mm-1200mm


Available with standard tape (TP), foam tape (TF) and double tape (TTP) if requested. Some styles are available up to 1240mm(L). Other lengths available on request. Minimum order quantities may apply.

Branding Strips

Curved branding strip sits on top of the shelf edge and has a divider attachment rail integrated into the rear of the strip. Branding strip provides a smart looking way to present branding and product information as well as an easy way to maintain on shelf category segmentation using colour or information blocking. 

Double Datastrip

Use our CGS or GSN profiles to construct double or multiple datastrip profiles where extra information or ticketing is required. Useful for product education and category navigation. 

Angled Datastrip

Angled datastrip provides greater readability in some situations. At an angle ticket information is easier to view, especially on lower shelves where shoppers may need to bend to read tickets displayed in flat datastrip.


  • Standard heights(mm): 26 - 39

  • Various angles and colours available

  • Standard lengths 915mm-1200mm

Hanging Datastrip

Hanging data strip (or data strip with clips) is the perfect solution for wire grid style shelves or baskets & applications where the ticket strip needs to be clipped on rather than mounted with adhesive. CGD hanging data strip comes with clear hanging clips. Extra clips can also be ordered separately.

Thin Datastrip

Some applications require a smaller profile, DBL is a flat datastrip with adhesive tape backing that fits 17mm and 23mm high tickets. 

ClipOn Datastrip-01.png
ClipOn Datastrip-01.png

Clip on/over data strips are another great solution for wire baskets, glass shelves and wire shelf fronts in refrigerated areas.


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Can't find what you're looking for?

Call us: 02 8667 4600

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We have a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom datastrip available.


How to Measure

For optimal results the correct data-strip needs to be selected for the job at hand.

When selecting Datastrip the following needs to be considered.

  • Type of adhesive required

  • Size of ticket to be used

  • Angle required

  • Does it need to flip up to avoid damage

  • If non adhesive, does it need to hang, clip on or flex

  • Colour required

  • Length required - does it need to be cut to size

  • Location - is it in a high heat area, freezer, dusty or greasy area

  • Does it need to hold temporary special tickets on the front

  • Does it need to be custom made

Please call us on 02 8667 4600 if you need assistance with selecting the best Datastrip option for your project.

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