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Profit Guard SPOS

According to the Australian Retailers Association, theft costs retailers as much as 7.5 billion each year, and for most retailers that number is on the rise. Averaging between 1 and 3% of gross profit, theft can significantly impact the net profitability of retailers, particularly those working on slim margins. (Source: Australian Retailers Association

SPOS 'Profit Guard' offers a range of ready made loss prevention products and solutions. We aim to work along side retailers in reducing or preventing theft in store. Additionally, our dedicated design team can work with you to develop a custom loss prevention solution to address those high risk categories in your retail environment.

Store Risk Assessment & Approach

Low Risk Store


Medium Risk Store

High-level/multiple deterents

High Risk Store

Preventative access devices

Common Target Categories

Tech & Batteries


Target Categories

Profit Guard Accessories



ProPusher Closer.png

This loss prevention hook prevents sweeping of product by limiting accessibility to one unit at a time. At the same time, this incredible hook with front products along the hook. Improving the shopping experience for the customer.


Hang-sell products

ProPusher HangOption 3.png
ProPusher HangOption 1.png
ProPusher HangOption 2.png
Associated Risk Level

medium/high risk

Hanging Bar Back

Standard Pegboard

Slat Wall

Some of our Developed Projects

Merch Safe

Profit Guard Slide

Profit Guard Slide allows full product visibility, maintains section shop-ability and acts as a theft deterrent.
Clear panels are set at the shelf edge and the customers move these left or right to access items.
There are two versions available:
An “Under Shelf” variety which is securely fixed to the shelf above and a “Full Shelf Top” kit.


  • System secures high-value, high theft products but allows shopper access

  • Installs onto existing Gondola shelves

  • Wide or narrow panels available for any package size

  • Includes audio deterrent

Associated Risk Level

low/medium risk


Infant Formula, Cosmetics, vitamins, supplements

Profit Guard Slide

Security Dispenser Units

Product is dispensed at two stage time intervals to release the product and then line up the following product. The units can be configured as per the current planogram, ready for immediate installation. The unit simply hooks onto the existing gondola and is locked in place using secure shelf lugs. Once product is loaded, shoppers can easily access the desired product.


  • Suits standard width gondolas and locks in place

  • Can be easily adjusted to suit the current planogram and accommodate changes

  • Dispenser modules can be installed as part of a full-bay merchandising solutions, allowing products to be shopped autonomously, whilst bringing order and security to the category.

Associated Risk Level

medium/high risk


Razor Blades


Security Dispenser Unit

Profit Guard Safe

Profit Guard Safes reduce theft while remaining convenient for honest shoppers. Ideal for high-theft items this unit is a shopper-friendly alternative to defensively merchandising categories. After a product is dispensed, Profit Guard Safe blocks all facings for a preset time to prevent sweep.


  • Suits standard width gondolas and locks in place

  • Immediate dispensing ensures a convenient experience for busy shoppers.

  • Audible and visual alerts create awareness and deter

  • Lockout feature prevents multiple items being dispensed within a pre-set time

  • Out of Stock notification

  • Tamperproof, durable and fits standard width gondolas

Associated Risk Level

medium/high risk


Razor Blades




Dispenser Display System

The Dispensing Display is a gravity feed solution that allows simple product selection whilst keeping inventory both safe from sweeping and well presented.


  • Optional clear graphic sleeve for targeted messaging and product information.

  • Clear acrylic front provides good product visibility for easy stock selection and allows staff to quickly identify out of stocks.

  • Can be produced in any colour.

  • Fixing bracket can be developed to secure unit to either the pegboard, outriggers or shelf. 

  • Current design can be developed to incorporate a lockable front panel that can only be accessed by store staff

Associated Risk Level

All Risk Levels


Pet Health, Gum. Nicobate, Batteries, Razor Blades

Dispenser Display

Shelf Limiter Kits

The purpose of the Shelf Limiter Kit is to reduce product capacity, improve presentation, reduce store labour and utilise existing
shelves as a barrier to theft (anti-sweep).


This solution can be used in all non-hanging categories. 

Pusher Variant: Features

  • Consists of: acrylic limiter, breakable dividers, breakable pushers and rails.

  • Reducing product capacity lessens exposure in high
    risk categories, reduces date code issues in slow moving categories and reduces held inventory value in store.

  • The addition of dividers and pushers, improves presentation and reduces store labour.

FlexRoller Variant: Features

  • The Flex Roller ‘narrow depth’ Overlay restricts product
    capacity and when shelves are positioned close together or a slider guard is added, a barrier to sweeping is created.

  • Flex Roller is already ranged by Procurement and has a
    proven track record

Associated Risk Level

low/medium risk


Cosmetics, analgesics, oral hygiene

Shelf Limiter Kits

SecuriFlex - Security Dividers

Secuirty Pusher dividers work along-side the FlexRoller divider mounting system, and are compatible with both traditional
FlexRoller shelves as well as flat shelves with integrated mounting mechanisim.

The security dividers not only negate the use of shelf ready packaging, but provide an anti-sweep soultion by utalising a pusher divider to ‘dispense’ only one product at any time.


  • Secure solution whilst maintaining ease of shop-ability.

  • Keeps category looking clean and tidy

  • adjustable for varying product types and sizes

  • compatible with pull-out shelves for easy re-stocking

Associated Risk Level

low/medium risk


Analgesics, vitamins, medicinal.

Gate-Lock System

Gate-Lock Systems - With