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Cardboard Displays

For Brand, cardboard displays are one of the strongest trending Point of Sale Solutions. Effectively helping the brand to stand out above competitors. They are efficient for pop-up or seasonal sales, as well as semi-permanent promotional bins.

SPOS works alongside multiple clients with widely varying briefs. it never ceases to surprise our clients what can be done with some clever design, and cardboard! See for yourself below some of the projects that have had a real-world impact on brand promotion and merchandising, and get in contact with us for your own project.

Philips Hue.png

Philips Hue

A standout cardboard unit, serving to both glorify the product and educate the customer on the latest technology from the brand

Philips Hue at JBHIFI.png
2018-05-10 10.55.03.jpg
2018-05-10 10.55.18.jpg

Masterpet Display

The Masterpet "Droolly" display has an interchangable side panel, allowing it to perform as a functional popup display, and seasonally themed merchandiser, all year round.

Masterpet Cardboard Display
Masterpet Cardboard Display
Trooly Xmas Stand.png
Caltex Red 4 Tier Shelf.png

4 Tier Value Display

This cardboard unit was engineered to support the weight of energy drinks, and water, as well as withstand the unforgiving convenience store environment. Instated as semi-permanent display for Caltex Service Stations across Australia.

Caltex Dump Bin 3.jpg
2018-02-14 11.21.18.jpg
Caltex Dump Bin 5.jpg

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INSTANT Retail Displays Range

Whilst the design flxibility with Cardboard is great, it isn't always the best choice for temporary or semi-permanent displays.

Check out our INSTANT range. For impactful instant retail displays.

Instant Display Range Promo.PNG
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