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SPOS Group has teamed up with Ticket-IT to further complement the comprehensive retail solution that the group offers. DIB Group has chosen Ticket-IT as their provider of in-store ticketing solutions for Metro Petroleum sites.

Click below to sign-in to your Ticket-IT account.

The following video will show you the benefits that ticket-it will provide to Metro.

Training & Support

Ticket-IT is very straightforward to use, please watch the following short training video for help to get started in your store today.

If you require further assistance, you can contact Ticket-IT’s Support lines via the following avenues.

Website: https://ticket-it.com/contact/

Ticket-IT Support Phone Number: 1800 960 299


Support Email: support@ticket-it.com

Perforated Paper Stock

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1 pack contain 200 Sheets (33 tickets per sheet)

that's 6600 tickets per pack.

Tickets are a Micro-perforation for a clean tear. 65mm x 25mm.

Ticket-IT is already set up to work with these tickets, so no fiddling with page size required!



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Computer Data Tickets Pack, 65 x 25MM - 120GSM
(200 pcs per packet)


Please Note

  • The invoice for your order, including pricing, delivery charge ($15) and GST will be emailed to you for payment.

  • 3% payable on Amex Transactions

  • GST & Delivery Charge Payable on all products and services

  • Delivery is charged based on location and applied to the invoice.

Delivery and Handling
-The customer is responsible for all freight costs unless otherwise stated. Dispatch is normally by Direct Freight. We take every care in packaging and dispatching your order, but we accept no responsibility for goods damaged in shipment. The customer has the option of arranging for collection of the ordered goods with an alternate freighting service.

For Sales Queries - please email: sales@sposgroup.com
Or Contact: Ross Cooke on 02 8667 4652