It goes by a number of names, Fronting, facing, recovery, or straightening - depending on the category & store. All of these methods ultimately serve the same purpose: To ensure that the store is well presented and shop-able for customers.


Proven to be a validated sales lift, organised, fronted categories are a must in any retail environment. SPOS Specialises in Auto-fronting systems, that eliminate the need for staff to manually address fronting, decreasing labour cost. We have a variety of solutions that can be tailored to suit any category.

All our solutions are easy to install, with flexible setups ranging from solutions that attach to your existing shelf, to fully customised shelving units with auto-fronting, we even have hanging solutions that don't require a shelf at all!

See some of our best solutions below designed to deliver, and get in contact with us, we can help you navigate the most optimal solution for your unique situation.

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