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Pump Crowners
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1-6pcs            7-20pcs             20+pcs



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A4 Pump Crowner (Includes PVC Sleeves) EACH





A4 Replacement Sleeve (PETG) EACH

$12.00 ea

$10.80 ea

$10.20 ea

Please Note

  • The confirmation of your order, including pricing, delivery and GST will be emailed to you for approval and payment.

  • Payment required before dispatch.

  • 3% payable on Amex Transactions

  • GST Payable on all products and services

Delivery and Handling
-The customer is responsible for all freight costs unless otherwise stated. Dispatch is normally by Direct Freight. We take every care in packaging and dispatching your order, but we accept no responsibility for goods damaged in shipment. The customer has the option of arranging for collection of the ordered goods with an alternate freighting service.

For Sales Support/Queries - please email:
Or Contact: SPOS on 02 8667 4600
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