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Simple, Cost Effective Shelf Management

Designed to be the most flexible and low cost options for shelf management on flat shelves, these pushers, are a Spring Pusher designed to push forward products on a shelf.


Combined with a Front Retainer and Dividers (pictured below) this simple to install, cheap, and effective solution helps to keep a wide range of categories looking organised, and always fronted, ready for customers to make their purchases.

The pushers, dividers, and front retainers come in a variety of lengths, heights and configurations. Take a look at our range on our webstore.

Breakable by design...

Our 'breakable' pushers are designed to be snapped at the right depth/length to provide a '1 solution fits all' approach for shelf management.

Most of our products come in a 185-385mm or 285-485mm configuration. This means that if your shelf is anywhere from 190mmD, up to 500mmD, the product can be snapped on the spot down to match your shelf. Just look for any of our 'Breakable' dividers or pushers on our webstore.

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