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Our Work


  • BlackHawk real food movement is all about eating food that improves our health, happiness and longevity

  • Design unit that will allow high stock holding, compact footprint, suitable for dog + cat for both, wet + dry food types, easily updatable signage for promotional activity, modular unit can be scaled from single 1-bay display to multiple 4-bay


  • BlackHawk brand activation unit was designed with a of key features to ensure it stood out from other brands

  • Lighting was introduced in a natural warm lumen (as opposed to a clinical white light) to ensure the “natural” aspect of the brand was maintained and delivered in store


  • Concept proposal received excellent feedback and led to a high number of veterinarian clinics becoming stockists of the BlackHawk range.

  • Buy-in deals negotiated and over 400 units we produced for the entire Australian market

  • A strong impactful brand presence has been achieved with the premium display units.


PROJECT: Brand Activation Station     MARKET: Retail

Display Stand Merchandising


Final Product In Store


Client Feedback

"To say the job was 'well done' isn't giving credit to the incredible quality and attention to detail in the design"

Chrissy Chenery

Shopper Marketing Manager


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